Doesburg, township.

About Doesburg

Doesburg is a Hanseatic city in The Achterhoek. The city is located at the river the Oude IJssel (old IJssel), therefor it was an important fortified city. Doesburg got his city-rights in the year 1237. De Martini Church with its 94m high tower bear witness to that welfare past.

The important position of Doesburg was the main reason a lot of enemies occupied the city, like the Spanish in the 16th century, the French in the 17th century and the German during World War II. Luckily a lot of monuments in the historical centre were saved from damage. There are over 150 monuments protected by the government, thatโ€™s why Doesburg is really worth a visit!

All over The Netherlands people eat mustard that is produced in Doesburg. The factory was first mentioned in 1806. On the other hand, in some old registers from 1457 there was already a note about a sir Gosen Momme producing mustard in Doesburg! The building where this all started is now a museum, right in front of the new factory. You will see a typical and nostalgic Dutch handicraft and learn all about making mustard.

Another nice museum to visit is the local Roode Tooren Museum (red tower). Here you will find a lot of objects from Doesburgs past: silver coins, paintings, ceramics, goblins and some old maps of the fortified city. The scenes of a working tobacco factory from 1894 and a grocery from 1880 are really beautiful. The museum only asks a free gift after your visit.

The city offers a lot of arrangements to explore Doesburg. A guide can walk you through the beautiful harbour and streets to show you some unique buildings. Like โ€˜the Waagโ€™, the oldest cafรฉ in The Netherlands and former middle-aged (1309) monastery โ€˜the Arsenaalโ€™ which was also a depot for weapons.

During the summer Doesburg organizes a lot of free activities, for example the popular Mont Martre Markets from April until August (every last Sunday of the month). Finding a place to stay for several nights is not so hard, considering Doesburg has a hotel, two camping sites and more than 10 B&Bโ€™s!

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Excursion in the Martini Church of Doesburg.
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