The Achterhoek

Every year a lot of tourists visit The Achterhoek, the amount still growing. No wonder, we are only 40 minutes away from Arnhem! There are quite a lot internetpages about this area, at most of them you will have the option to read in German. Almost none of them have the choice to read in English?! How weird is that. Of course you can translate everything with Google Translate yourself, hoping that the information still makes sense. I can imagine that it’s hard for foreigners to find the right internetpage in Dutch, hoping it will give you the information you’re looking for.

Wel stop looking! Klomptgoed is here to help you. On my internet site I will try to tell you everything you’ll need to know about The Achterhoek, with beautiful photographs I took myself. I am a official certified Hostess of the Area Oost Gelre.Β 

In my portfolio and on my Facebook site you will find lots of photos of the Achterhoek.